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Dual Performance Philosophy


Dual performance training is the simultaneous development of the mind and body. To reach the peak of performance, one must be at their absolute best both mentally and physically. These are viewed as comprehension (mental) and application (physical). Through comprehension of the task and application of that knowledge one can produce prime performance. Our areas of specialty are mental performance coaching, sport performance training, and personal training.

Why Dual Performance

 The answer to this question is why not? There is an abundance of research that promotes the positive thinking lifestyle and how individuals that incorporate it are more successful. There is also research that suggests that people who engage in fitness training at least three days per week for a minimum of thirty minutes are more productive than those that do not. These are simply two halves of one whole. For an individual to function at full capacity you need proper rest, an appropriate amount of fuel, and well-defined instructions (i.e. workouts). When preparing to perform a task at any level there is a stage of preparation, during this stage, both mental and physical components should be combined to operate in unison for optimal results.  


Chloe Sigman (High School Athlete)

  I have been with Coach Brooks since I began running three years ago. He has improved my running form and also lowered my time. Not only has he helped my running, he has also taught me how to attack a race physically and mentally. I have had the pleasure to grow with Coach Brooks since the beginning as he has guided me to reaching the next level in my career. 

Tiffany Banks (Personal Training Client)

 I began training with Jason Brooks back in September. When we first began training, I couldn’t jog without feeling exhausted or perform a modified push-up. I had very low self-esteem. With Jason’s motivation and encouragement, I’ve built not only my self esteem, but my endurance as well. I went from struggling to do one modified push-up, to performing numerous regular push-ups. Jason pushes me to stay on the right path. I am now 40lbs lighter. I feel and look so much better!!  

Shane Lopez (Former Collegiate Athlete)

Throughout my college athletics as a track and field athlete I struggled with numerous injuries. This led for me to rely on nothing but pure mental toughness. Jason took immediate initiative, simply because it is the man he is, and spoke wisdom into me by explaining that track and field is not my identification it is just a small short season of life God had for me.  Jason has a natural ability to dig deep into an athlete’s mind, pull out all the stress, defeat, depression, loneliness and anger, throw it away, and provide you with a whole new understanding to the battle you may be facing with a much more peaceful approach. 

Darius Rosser (Arena Football Player)

  I started working with Coach Brooks in August. I had already previously known him through a mutual friend; but training with him has helped me conquer my personal goals. Working with him not only allowed me to bond with a young, intelligent mind but has also helped me in increasing my speed, strengthening my core and losing 20 pounds. He knows the importance of encouragement and positive reinforcement which leads to results and satisfaction! 

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